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Auditor Training - In-House ~ A one day Internal Auditor Training Course, meeting the requirements of ISO 19011, run at the Client's facility. It concludes with a short 'live' supervised audit of the Client's own processes and can be tailored to the Client's own audit forms and procedures. Contact Us.

Quality Manager Training ~ This one day course is ideal for a new Quality Manager. It is one-to-one training, that is tailored to meet the person's needs, with the aim of giving them the knowledge and confidence to fulfil the role of Quality Manager, and improve the ISO9001 Quality Management System. For the established Quality Manager, it is an opportunity to review the existing Quality Management System for simplification and improvement, in line with current practice. Following the course, ongoing Mentoring support is provided. Contact Us.

Pre-Assessment Training ~ This on-site session with the Quality Manager, includes a high level document review and a walk through the key processes, to identify areas of quality risk and for improvement. It covers the Assessment process: the Assessor's working method, the role of the Guide and how to prepare the Organisation for a successful outcome. Following the course, ongoing Mentoring support is provided. Contact Us.

Supplier Assessment Training ~ A one day course on Supplier assessment techniques covering quality, continuity of supply and financial stability. It also covers evaluating Suppliers who have no formal Quality Management System and Suppliers in other countries. Contact Us.

Process Mapping Training ~ An in-house course covering the capturing and documenting the Organisation's processes. This is suitable for new Quality Management Systems, for the simplification of established systems or as part of business re-engineering. Contact Us.

Custom Training ~ We can design courses to suit the Client's own requirements. Contact Us.

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To enable organisations to achieve their full potential, for the benefit of all those involved with the organisation.

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