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Client Feedback

The following is only some of the unsolicited feedback received from QEC's Clients. Contact details for Clients, in specific sectors, can be provided on request. See Sectors for the range of Organisations.

'I am very grateful for the logical and easily understood manner in which you have guided us through the process, which enabled us to capture all of this Company's procedures and standard methods and set them out in a framework which can now be easily accessed by every employee with a computer or printed and bound for those without' – MD, Construction Company, P1190

'What seemed to be particularly successful was your expert analysis of our existing systems that you then refined and made into the document – well that's very simplistic and I am not understating your input that was clearly considerable. Well done !' – Senior Partner, Architects Practice, P1200

'I have valued the work that you have done for us. You managed to help us unravel our uncoordinated processes and re assemble them into something much more logical and sensible' – Section Head, Government Department, P1174

'The LRQA Assessor complimented us on our QA Manual noting that it had been written with the needs and processes of the business in mind' – Quality Manager, HVAC Manufacturer, P1056

'It has been a pleasure to work with someone with such a great depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and belief in the management systems and support that they offer their customer,…' – MD, Machine Tool Manufacture, P1066

'Until a week before Christmas we had no quality system or prepared plan after the loss of our operations / quality manager. You started from scratch, implement a totally new and modern networked, functional and easy to use system.' – Directors, Medical Product Stockist, P1133

‘Thank you for keeping us on track with our QA system, not just to get us through the various external audits but more importantly to produce a system which really benefits our business - and all in a helpful positive way.’ – MD, Flowmeter Manufacturer, P1310

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The aim of most Organisations is to 'Make a Profit'.

This is achieved by satisfying Customers, so that they will re-order and be the foundation for growing new Customers.

The Origination's Management System must produce the product/service efficiently, consistently, to specification and on-time.

Hence a good Quality Management System is an integral part of the Business and Financial Management System. Quality and Profitability are interrelated. Thus 'making ISO9001 work for you'.

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